Whoooo had a great time this week? Everybody who visited the Palmer Library, of course! Thanks to a visit from Alaska Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center, patrons at the library were treated to a program featuring Skuya, a great horned owl. Skuya came to the center due to a broken wing and has become their premiere education ambassador.

This week also marked our first foray into the Summer Reading Program Geocache Challenge. Participants were given coordinates for a location in town where a cache box was hidden. Once the box was found, participants were able to claim a prize at the library. Hundreds of patrons are participating and reporting that they’ve spent several hours outside and around town, hunting down our cache.

It’s not too late to join in the fun! Stop in the library to register and pick up your reading challenges.  Find more by calling 745-4690, or check out our SRP pages at:



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