The Summer Reading Program has kicked off at the Palmer Library, attracting nearly 500 participants in our first 4 days. WOW! Special thanks to our teen volunteers and SRP Extraordinaire, Alisha Asplund. We would not have been able to welcome so many readers without their diligent and friendly assistance.

This past week was host to various programs. Two highlights were visits from Dr. GPS and Alaska Fish and Game. Dr. GPS visited us on Tuesday evening as part of our Geocache Challenge. He walked participants through how to use a GPS not only to track coordinates for Geocaching, but also how to use your GPS to get you out of trouble when lost.  On Thursday, we were treated to a program by Alaska Fish and Game specialist, Sierra Doherty. She presented Alaska’s Three Bears, which spotlighted the various bear species in Alaska. Participants were able to get up close and personal with the different bear pelts and paw imprints.

The fun continued with librarians and library patrons in costume handing out goodies in the Colony Days parade!  Everyone was thrilled to see Snow White, Belle, a Jedi Knight, Doctor Who (11th Doctor), a magical wizard, Hiro from Big Hero 6, a rockin' 50's gal, Steampunk Mary Poppins, and Molly Weasley (or Lucille Ball, depending on your age.)


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