The Palmer Library has teamed up with community volunteers, and the Meals on Wheels program, to encourage senior citizens in our area.  Library patrons write cheerful messages to recipients, and drop them in the collection box at the library.  Volunteers pick up the cards and deliver them to the Meals on Wheels facility where they’re paired with a meal.  Meals on Wheels distributes over 200 meals each month in the valley. 

One sweet lady, who has Alzheimer’s, was elated to receive a young child’s scribble drawing.  She thought her granddaughter had sent her the picture. 

Cards may be homemade or store bought, and are reviewed for inappropriate content before delivery.  Envelopes are not required. Place cards in the Meals on Wheels box near the circulation desk inside the library. Palmer library patrons generously donated over 600 cards in the first 3 months of the program that started in December 2016, and continue to bless our senior population with words of encouragement today.