It's summer in Alaska and many of us are out planting and weeding our gardens. Just as those of us who garden, staff at the Palmer Public Library have been "weeding" the nonfiction collection making room for new books.

Each book is looked at, examined, and researched before removing it from the collection. Is the book old? Does it have yellowed pages, stains, a broken binding and is falling apart? Has it not been checked out in five or more years? Certainly those are big factors to look at but not the only reason to consider removing a book from the collection.

Medical books, law books, and technology books, for example, become dated very quickly. Replacing those with newer, up-to-date volumes that contain valid and helpful information seems a good solution rather than keeping those books on the shelves for 30 years. Our hope is that you will be able to browse these collections more easily without having to sift through old/outdated materials to find what you want.

What happens to a book that is not repairable and is in really poor condition, but gets checked out frequently many times a year and is relevant to the needs and interests of our community? Replacement becomes a priority at that time. For example, a small section on gold panning/mining had several books in extremely poor condition and many were checked out and never returned. High interest dictates that we try and replace those discarded and lost volumes.

Most of the books removed from the collection were given to The Friends for the annual book sale. Proceeds from that sale are turned right back to the Palmer Public Library - a "win-win" for those that frequent the library!

During this process (as we do at any time) we welcome book suggestions. If you have any questions, or would like to make a book suggestion please speak to any one of us at the desk, or use our online Suggest A Purchase form HERE.

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